World Golfer's Amateur Tour




The Olympics for the Rest of US

"The World's Most Prestigious Amateur Team/Individual Golf Tournament"




2015 21st World Amateur Golfers Championship










2013 19th World Amateur Golfers Championship





2012 18th World Amateur Golfers Championship







2011 17th World Amateur Golfers Championship




Tour Flights
One5.4 or less
Two5.5 - 10.4
Three10.5 - 15.4
Four15.5 - 20.4
Five20.5 - 25.4


Argentina Argentina

Armenia Armenia

Australia Australia

Austria Austria

Belgium Belgium

Bolivia Bolivia

Brazil Brazil

Bulgaria Bulgaria

China China

Czech Republic Czech R

Denmark Denmark

Finland Finland

Germany Germany

Hong Kong Hong Kong

Hungary Hungary

India India

Indonesia Indonesia

Italy Italy

Kenya Kenya

Macau Macau

Malaysia Malaysia

Moldova Moldova

Netherlands Netherlands

Nigeria Nigeria

Norway Norway

Poland Poland

Russia Russia

Singapore Singapore

Slovakia Slovakia

Slovenia Slovenia

South Africa South Africa

Spain Spain

Sweden Sweden

Switzerland Switzerland

Thailand Thailand

Ukraine Ukraine


Vietnam Vietnam